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Kemper Fahrradtechnik

Three Legs of Persuasion

Kempers hand-made bicycles

Vom Chef gelötet

Michael Kemper has built his own bicycles since 1988. Everything began with the legendary classic Pedersen. Michael Kemper revived the model, creating a technically-advanced present day bicycle.

The next step of development was a series of cargo bicycles, which revolutionised the transport of children and goods in the bicycle Mecca, the Netherlands. Models such as the Filibus, Lorri and Packmax have been exported to both retail and wholesale industries. In dutch metropolitan areas, these models are commonplace.

A new model, the Big Wim, was designed specifically for large and heavy people. Due to the extended wheelbase and a refined reinforced frame, large persons now ride comfortably and safely.



The Workshop

Workshop in Erkelenz-Grambusch

The workshop from Kemper Fahrradtechnik is located in a renovated barn of an almost 300 year old farm on the lower Rhine. In this historical atmosphere, Michael Kemper sells his Pedersens and cargo bicycles. Additionally, Falter comfort bicycles, which were also designed by Kemper, are exhibited there. Trial rides are available on the small roads around the village to assure the customer of the quality of the hand-made bicycles prior to purchase.

In the case that the customer's wishes are not met, we will gladly accept the challenge to find an appropriate solution. Additional to our assortment of bicycles, tricycles with electric motor support are available. The motors can be installed onto many of our existing bicycle models. At Kemper, individual installations is also possible for standard frames. We are able to obtain almost every frame and individually customise the equipment and colour to the wishes of our customers.

A particular concern of ours is the perfect customisation of every bicycle sold. Even the best bicycle is of no comfort when it does not optimally fit the rider. In our workshop, we don't only construct and build new bicycles. We will repair and inspect all makes and models as well as lovingly restore old treasures.

Construction and Development

Our third philosophical pillar is development for renowned firms. In this sector, Kemper Fahrradtechnik has international fame. Whether for Falter Werke in Bielefeld (Germany), Sparta (the Netherlands) or Kronan (Sweden), which have their "poster" models converted to cargo bicycles, Kemper's ideas are explicit for bringing technically mature products with fresh looks to market. The two largest european cargo bicycle dealers, the Fietsfabriek in Amsterdam and t'Mannetje in Haarlem, the Netherlands, have allowed Kemper Fahradtechnik to configure and develop a large part of their production.