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Michael Kemper

A fervid perfectionist

Michael Kemper

If you were to ask Michael Kemper, why he decided to open a bicycle factory, he will tell you from his visit to the Velorama, a national bicycle museum in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It was there that he saw the Dursley Pedersen bicycle for the first time. He was fascinated by the almost 100 year old engineering of the creator, Mikael Pedersen, whose work of art encompasses complex, detailed solutions, simple beauty and superior function. Kemper was convinced that this bicycle did not belong in a museum; it belonged on the street.

In the beginning, Michael Kemper had a pair of principles, which he still holds true. His bicycles should be of the highest quality, built from the best material and components in the hand-made tradition. Such principles cannot carry themselves with dumping prices. However, Kemper found his customers and his customers found him. The bike crazies were the first to come. They were bitten by the same bug as the young frame builder.


Well worth the money

However, with the greater visibility of his bicycles (initially in Bonn and later in Düsseldorf), the curiosity of his normal customers increased. Above all, they were willing to pay for a quality product with a long life. A Kemper bicycle is a purchase, which one will enjoy for many years. It is a bicycle that one may call a friend. So calculated, a top quality bicycle is more affordable than a cheap production work.

Michael Kemper will gladly talk to his customers about handwork and quality. The advice he gives goes into detail and can take several hours or appointments for clarification. Kemper knows exactly that not only the model and tubing must fit, but the equipment must also. He does not chat up his customers. Radical simplicity has been a Kemper precept for a long time. Some customers wonder when they are suddenly asked by Michael Kemper whether they would like to try to ride with a practically indestructible 3 speed hub or a single speed hub. For some tours on the flat land of the lower Rhine, it is entirely possible to ride bicycles with super light tubing without gears, says Kemper. Touring bikes can be built with components such as Rohloff hubs and hydraulic disk brakes. Everyone gets what he needs.