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Kemper Pedersen

Classic meets modern

Pedersen classic as a touring bike

If one appreciates a Pedersen bicycle, he is an aesthete. He is fascinated with its detailed, pyramidal frame geometry and the unusual Hammock saddle. A Kemper Pedersen bicycle is a real eye-opener.

Kemper Pedersen kompakt with 20 " Big Apple tyre

However, the Pedersen is not only a piece of 'frame art'. The real attention should be give to the ease of maintenance and unmatched daily comfort that this model offers.

A Kemper-Pedersen is very much like a tailored suit. The bicycle is fitted exactly to its future owner, so that it optimally conforms to the rider. Every tube is matched to the rider's body mass. The equipment can also be custom-fitted and the components personally chosen by the purchaser.  Of course we will gladly help you in the decision-making.