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The Filibus was the beginning

Cargo bike Kemper Filibus

Before the cargo bike Filibus, there were only very heavy cargo bicycles, made of seemingly stone-age technology with the look and feel of a steam-powered tractor. Therefore, there was a need for a revolution in the area of cargo bikes.

In 1992, the cargo bike Filibus, the forefather of the modern cargo bicycle, went into production. Due to the combination of trend-setting design, playful handling and a high cargo capacity, the cargo bike Filibus is praised and recognized not only by professionals.


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Cargo bike Filibus in ruby metallic

The cargo bike Filibus, with its indestructible central-tube frame (diameter of 50 mm) and long wheel base is a very impressive. With its cleverly devised geometry, the Filibus handles like a normal city bike. However, there is an important difference: The front cargo bed of the bike can carry weight up to 75 kg and the cargo rack on the back can carry up to 25 kg. There is definitely enough capacity to transport those important things in life. From child seats to XXL doga baskets, there are various accessories to aid your transport needs.

The arguments for this bicycle speak for themselves. In 2000, the Olympic Committee in Sydney, Australia, convinced of the bicycle's function, ordered 50 examples of the cargo bike Filibus for the car-free Olympic Village.



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