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The little sister

Transportrad Kemper Lorri

The cargo bike Lorri is the little sister of our cargo bike Filibus, designed for customers with less need of transporting bulky or heavy cargo. Upon its release, the cargo bike Lorris was immediately awarded 'Bicycle of the Year” from ADFC.


Like its big brother, the cargo bike Lorri's pack racks are welded to the frame and each can carry up to 30 kg of cargo. Many of our customers use the cargo bike Lorri for their daily business needs (i.e. families, messenger services and pizza delivery services).

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Not to skirt the issue

Das Fahrrad des Jahres 1995

With its 20” wheels, the cargo bike Lorri delivers agility and speed in the urban environment. Due to its deep and comfortable access, the cargo bike Lorri can be ridden comfortably while wearing a skirt. Repeated mounting and dismounting, while fully-loaded, is not a problem with cargo bike Lorri. A special weight-bearing tube at the center of gravity offers the optimal handgrip when the cargo bike Lorri must be transported.


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