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Cargo bike Packmax 28''

The cargo bike Packmax is the agile and quick compact bike for the family, tax-free investment for courier and service and a robust cargo bike to cover the distances on company campuses. The cargo bike Packmax offers a front cargo space of 34 x 42 cm for daily transport needs. Accessories such as a lockable aluminum box with lid, a reed basket or a plastic box in a varying colors allow for different transport possibilities. Since the cargo bike Packmax comes in 26" and 28" models, riders large and small can have their choice.

The cargo stays positioned!

Cargo bike Packmax

The cargo is fixed to the crossed tubing of the bicycle. Therefore, the position of the cargo does not shift during the actual steering of the bicycle, allowing for an extremely stabile riding experience. The rear of the bicycle is now available to carry a child seat or additional cargo.

P.S. In "Trekkingbike" (Edition September/October 2010), the cargo bike Packmax, during the cargo bike test, received the grade of "very good" and was praised by the editor as buyer's tip.



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