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Customized Pedersen
Pedersen Alfine Disc

Special for every customer, who maybe doesn't have the time, leisure or talent to construct his own Kemper Pedersen is the development of the Kemper Customised Pedersen. Kemper has precisely evaluated measurements and data from years of experience in bicycle construction. These findings allow for optimal construction of customised frames. The result is an original Kemper Pedersen of premium quality.

Pedersen Alfine

In order to fit the differing body measurements from potential riders, the customised frame can be adjusted to inseams between 80 cm and 90 cm. Also, particularly important for the Pedersen is the angle of the saddle, which is variable and can be exactly adjusted.

Pedersen Rohloff

The customisation is complete with the fitting of the equipment. With implement choices such as Shimano Alfine, Alfine Disc and Rohloff, there are 3 high quality configurations of the Pedersen available. Whether going on an afternoon joy ride or ambitiously tackling hills and valleys, every wish is full-filled.

Brochure: Customized Pedersen


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