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Individual Pedersen
Kempers Pedersen Classic

Hang Glider for Connoisseur

Our 28” Pedersen Classic is a versatile bicycle. Over the years, the model has been technically and optically refined, producing characteristic design attributes. These attributes have one thing in common: the upright and focused seating position of the hammock saddle.


There are examples of the Pedersen, which give it an historical quality, such as the bison handle bar with wooden rims and wooden fenders. Matching to this bicycle is the nickel-plated frame, simple black or British Racing Green paint. Another variation gives the impression through a refined paint application that the bicycle is made from bamboo. The fact is that Mikeal Pedersen did experiment with light weight materials such as bamboo. We would rather rely on seamless Mannesmann CroMo tubing.

Gallery: Pedersen Classic

Simple and Stylish

The Pedersen classic

Our bicycles are for the most part not spectacular, but rather simple and stylishly equipped. The components and saddles, which we recommend, are dependent on the particular usage of the rider. If touring on the weekend is important, the hammock saddle after a period of breaking in will provide you with the comfort you need. However, if you plan to ride 60 km per day, we suggest you try a Brooks leather saddle which can be fitted in the hammock style.


The Pedersen can be equipped for long touring. With a Rohloff hub, hydraulic brakes, a SON lighting system and double eyelets for pack racks and drinking bottles. The Pedersen can be fitted with front and rear derailleurs and thin tyres or with normal 37 or 42 mm tyres. Also 60 mm ballon tyres from Schwalbe (model Fat Frank) are now new to our program. We keep our models up to date with the current trends as Mr. Pedersen did over 110 years ago.

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