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Pedersen Engineering

Very clever

Pedersen kompakt: feuerrotes Spaßmobil

The Pedersen frame is an engineering masterpiece. Its 21-triangle construction delivers an enormous stability and is amazingly light weight. One hundred years ago Mikael Pedersen's lightest bicycles, including tyres, weighed approximately 5000 grams. This aspect made the model interesting for the military. There were foldable models developed which could be carried on the backs of soldiers.

Modern Kemper Pedersens can be purchased fully equipped for weight saving at less than 8000 grams. With little energy, you are quickly underway.

Exempt from historic shortcomings

Technischer Leckerbissen: Lasergeschnittene Gabelbrücke

The Kemper Pedersens see their historical models similar to partly confusingly, however, Michael Kemper freed them of some of their technical shortcomings. He revised the frame geometry and improved this straight spout and cornering. To increase the lateral stiffness, the frame tubes in the milled head tube are Soldered joints-like. In addition, Kemper Pedersens with their specially enlarged bottom bracket have a very stable base. The continuous fork tubes contribute to the further stabilization. You will be guided by a laser-cut trees. What is interesting is that these high-tech fork bridges very similar to see the historical models.

Similar to Mikael Pedersen also Michael Kemper considers it essential to adjust the wheels. A size grid based on the sizes of T-shirt (S-XXL), would be too rough for him. Dursley Pedersens there was in 11 different sizes. At Kemper, each customer is just presumptuous, quite as it should be for a tailor.

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