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Big Wim
Place for large people

Large people have similar problems that left-handed people have: With their dimensions, many common devices are not useful for them. Our models "Big Wim" and "Big Wilma" are specifically designed for large people who weigh more than the average person.


With their harmonic proportions, "Big Wim" and "Big Wilma" are decidingly different than the usual XXL bicycles, which are often only made of longer tubing. Problems with design should not be a concern for the potential buyer. The frames, which are up to 75 cm (Big Wim) and 70 cm (Big Wilma) are not only higher, but also longer than large standard frames. With a low centre of gravity and a longer wheel base, these models have a controlled handling.


Steifer Rahmen, klare Optik

Kemper will gladly outfit "Big Wim" and "Big Wilma" to personal specifications and it is without question that both models can be custom-fitted if desired.